Gerry Beckley ‘CAROUSEL’

Available Now!

The new album from America co-founder

I’m really excited for you to hear my new music. The lyric video for my new single “Tokyo” is below, and if you scroll down, you can download “Nature’s Way” another song off the new record, Carousel.

Click below to watch the “Tokyo”                    Lyric Video

Hi Everyone, Gerry here.

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my newest solo-project, ‘Carousel’.

These songs have been the product of a year of work and fine tuning.  As you know, I’ve never attempted to conform to any particular commercial sound, and ‘Carousel’ is no different.

Being part of ‘America’, and collaborating with Dewey has allowed me to create music that combines our experiences and musical talents, producing songs that have been heard in almost every corner of the globe. The ‘Carousel’ project has allowed me to reflect and interpret my life, and the product is a sound that feels true to me.

These songs were written over different decades, different eras of my life, giving it more depth and relatability than I had originally imagined. The diversity of subjects allows anyone to find a song that will transport them into their memories, reliving and appreciating that moment in an entirely new way.

I’m very excited to share this music with you and hope that you’ll join me on this part of my musical journey. If you’d like to download one of the songs from the album (“Nature’s Way”) right now, just enter your info in the box to the right and my label will get an MP3 of it out to you right away.

Stay tuned….. More to come!